Jordin Sparks | Daughter of Philippi Sparks and Jodi Wiedmann

Jordin Sparks, right after she was born, has already shown her talents to be a star. Reports note that she learned how to sing as early as 18 months, and of course, her parents, Philippi Sparks and Jodi Wiedmann, were proud of her. She went on to win the sixth season of American Idol at 17 years old, becoming the youngest winner of the show. Following the release of her self-titled album, the RIAA gave her credit and certification as platinum, having sold over two million copies worldwide. The sales certainly made her bank account fatter.

Even before earning her first money, Sparks was already rich, as her parents were well off. Mr. Sparks was a football player for the New York Giants, with each player having a contract for millions of dollars per agreement. Regardless of her parents’ wealth, though, Jordin is now a self-made millionaire, with $8 million in the bank.