Due to our current global situation, people around the globe developed an interest in plants and gardening. This phenomenon was rooted from different perspectives, but mainly it serves as a therapeutic activity that provides peace and calm amidst the chaos – so much so that it became a good source of income to many.

If you are one of those who got bitten by the gardening bug and you don’t know where to start or how you want your garden to look like, then we might be of help. You can hire a landscaper to build you a garden, but you should have a definite theme or style to follow, or else it would look like a mess and become a waste of investment money. Apart from the theme, you should also know your budget as the tedious and meticulous construction of a garden does not come cheap. Lastly, you should also be aware of your location’s climate or weather pattern to match your choice of plants.

Check out these ten celebrity gardens that can serve as an inspiration for your garden.

Patrick Dempsey – Modern Rustic

Patrick Dempsey is definitely Mr. McDreamy. Not only do his eyes have that disarming charm but his choice of garden and landscape are also totally dreamy. Dempsey’s former Malibu home garden has a modern rustic theme. He incorporates the unaltered surrounding and unpainted wooden planks into the modern structure of his lawn.

Ellen Degeneres – Tuscany Meets Desert Landscape

Ellen Degeneres is now known as a notorious house flipper. She has bought several mansions, most likely mortgage-free, all over California and sold them in a profit-earning amount. In 2017, Degeneres sold her Tuscan-inspired house in Montecito, Sta Barbara, with a massive garden. Matching the Tuscan vibe of the abode, she kept the big olive and eucalyptus trees and paired them with light gravels and heat-thriving plants into the polished landscape of the area. Degeneres also sets up an elevated terrace on a spot that catches the perfect view of the Santa Barbara area and the Pacific Ocean.

Lena Dunham – Neat and Clean

Looking at Lena Dunham’s choice of a yard, she chooses a low-key, neat, and minimalist look that gives a fresh and all-American feel. No flowers or intricate landscape, and her choice of plants are bushes and hedges. She also kept well-trimmed grass in the front yard that made her all-white house stand out.

Johnny Depp – French Outdoors

Johnny Depp has set his France home for sale for $39 million. The 37-acre property has several establishments in it, including a mini chapel turned into a guest house, a restaurant turned private dining area, and a massive 12-bedroom main house. Depp’s house has a century-old wine cellar matched with massive greeneries filled with olive trees, a vegetable garden, grapevines, and fountains that complete the French ambiance. As Depp himself is the one who decorated this lavish home, buying this exquisite home is a sound investment.

Neil Patrick Harris – The Art Of Pruning

When Neil Patrick Harris bought his East Hampton homes in 2017, he made a few tweaks in and out of his newly acquired estate to accentuate the shingle-style abode. He maintained the courtyard’s luscious greens that feature a gazebo, swimming pool, lily pond, and private tennis court. Harris also added an artistic touch to his garden by pruning it. The neatly shaped bushes and trees were trimmed in lollipop and cone shapes, which send a romantic vibe; and along with the light-bricked pathways, he achieved a modern, minimalist french-theme garden.

Sting – Thriving Plants

Weather plays a big part in gardening. A plant that suits your climate should be part of your garden investments. Take a cue from Sting.

If he is not making music, he is busy with his garden. Sting and his partner, Trudie Styler, own a massive 900-acre estate that houses a 16th-century style mansion and a Tuscan-style garden with a vineyard and olive trees. As the II Palagio is located in south Florence, the weather tends to be dry and humid. Sting makes sure that his garden looks great throughout the year by planting drought thriving plants such as lavender and achillea.

Reese Witherspoon – Style Meets Purpose


The beautiful Ojai Ranch in California was once owned by the award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon. The Mediterranian-style ranch home was the result of her tandem with a famous interior designer. From its facade to its courtyard, the house anchored to its theme. Witherspoon chose a grass-less patio by putting decomposed granite. Apart from its appealing look, the decomposed granite prevents mudding and wild grass from growing. It also subdues dust and is comfortable to walk on.

Vincent Kartheiser – Small Home Gardening

The Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser once owned a Japanese-industrial cabin that speaks much about minimalism and functionality. He maximizes the 580-square-foot property by incorporating multi-functional and space-saving furniture. As the house has a low roofing design, Kartheiser made his space look bigger by using a wide barn door that connects the garden to the indoor space. He also made use of his walls to house some plants and create a vertical garden.

Katherine Hepburn – All About The Vines

Vines add a romantic vintage flavor in gardens, most especially if it produces beautiful blooms – Katherine Hepburn’s former Old Sayville ancestral house is filled with them. A few bushes and crawling vines complete the vintage feel of this old American house and prevent the house from looking bare from the outside amidst its wide lawn and over-looking body of water.

Kristen Wiig – Outdoors Chill Spot

Kristen Wiig maximized her space by putting an outdoor sitting room and several facilities instead of making a lavish garden. Her former mullet-style home in Los Angeles is a hillside property surrounded by large trees that gives her an aerial view of the city. As her house is already covered by the trees, she took advantage of its shed and made a provision for a terrace. Designed with wooden floorings and simple modern furniture, Wiig sees no need to elaborate an outdoor scene, so she just used small hedges and decorative plants.

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