Succulent comes from the Latin word succus, which means water or juice. This is probably why some people confuse it as an aquatic plant, but they are not. It is one of the most breathtaking and captivating plants to look at. Its appearance is very intricate yet will make you feel calm. One can give credit to mother nature for its beauty.
Succulents produce a lot of water and have substances that retain water. These are often compared to either a cactus or a lily. Well, this is probably because a cactus is a type of succulent; however, the term cactus has gained more recognition. These plans are drought-resistant and can adapt to almost all types of weather and climates. They aren’t fragile, but they have the strength that some plants don’t have.

These plants also have, to a degree, a significant origin. The evolution of succulents can be found in history and botany books. There are often discoveries of a new type of succulent. Its habitat can be found in any of the continents of the planet Earth. You can find over a million photographs of this plant online and in books. There are also paintings, but artists often misrepresent this plant’s appearance. A succulent has a waxy, hairy, and spiny outer surface, and it has the ability to remain plump, too.

Different Types and Indoor Location

There are many types of succulents that you can grow indoors, You can either get an Aloe Vera, which has very many health benefits, or other types such as the Jade Plant, Panda Plant, Snake Plant, Christmas Cactus, and so much more. These plants are great decorations for the living room, but you can also place them inside your bedroom, near the kitchen window, inside the car, or even in all corners of your house. Lastly, even if they are not as fragile as other plants, you still need to make an investment in taking care of them.

Maintenance 101

Just like all the plants in the world, a succulent needs to be properly taken care of. They need sunlight, and the easiest way to provide them some natural sunshine is by placing them near the window. Another important detail to know when taking care of a succulent is that it needs to be rotated frequently. Try to rotate them by a few degrees ever so often. If a succulent is sitting on your office desk, then you should easily be able to find time and change its position at the beginning of the day. This plant needs to be rotated because it is flat at the ends and in the middle, so if you leave only one side exposed to sunlight, then only that side can benefit from the light and the other areas won’t get their daily dose. This would be unhealthy for the succulent and ruin its proportions.

You should also water the soil directly. For some plants, you need to include the leaves when watering them, but for succulents, it’s the opposite. It is unnecessary for you to water its leaves, which may or may not reach the soil, so it’s just better to go directly to the roots. You must also remember to water it according to the season and to fertilize it during the summer.
For its pot, always choose a container with holes for proper drainage. Remember to also keep this plant clean. It is not just to maintain its beautiful appearance, but it is for the plant’s benefit, too. Don’t forget to get rid of any bugs who want to feast on its leaves. We told you that there’s so much more to its maintenance, but don’t worry, these plants are worth the investment.

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