Monstera Deliciosa has become a mildly invasive species in Hawaii. This plant is most commonly known as the Swiss Cheese plant. It is native to the tropical forests of Southern Mexico, north to Panama. It has different shades of color – not just green – when you look closer at it. It has yellowish hues and a brown accent when near the light.
The term Monstera Deliciosa came from the two words monstrous and delicious. Monstrous refers to the size of the plant while Deliciosa is for its fruit. Hearing its name, you know that this is a worthy investment for your home.
It has other names as well including fruit salad tree, fruit salad plant, delicious monster, monster fruit, Mexican breadfruit, and more. Its names in Spanish, French, and Portuguese refer to the change of leaves. It has one of the most interesting looking features when bearing fruit. It looks like a green ear of maize covered with scales. The fruit then ripens and the scales fall off the fruit. It releases a very strong and sweet scent and has a pineapple texture. Although, be wary when coming into contact with it. Some parts of this plant can cause irritations to the mouth when one is not careful or when one doesn’t know how to properly touch and care for it.
Monstera Deliciosa grows outdoors and can go high as 30 feet. It is supposed to be an outdoor plant, but nowadays, it has become an ornamental plant. Its indoor cultivation has become more and more popularized by the year. It is probably because the plant has architectural qualities, tolerance for different conditions indoors, and ease of cultivation. However, note that flowering is rare when the plant is grown indoors.

Indoor Care

Monstera Deliciosa prefers bright and indirect light, which is exactly the condition in a home or an office. You will need to water it weekly or when it looks dry. Leaves can be polished with a damp cloth to remove all the dust and give it room to breathe properly and grow. Its pores have to be unblocked in order for them to absorb moisture.


Monstera Deliciosa even survives under neglect, which means it is a type of plant that is easy to grow. Even so, we have to take extra care and make investments in its potting when we decide to grow one inside our home. This plant outgrows its pot every two years, so you’re going to need a new and larger pot every two years. This is to promote growth – a few inches both in diameter and depth is needed when getting a new pot. This gorgeous plant is a climber in its nature, so you will need to provide it with some sort of trellis as support. Aside from the potting, you need to use a certain type of soil. For this plant, it has to have well-draining soil inside the pot.

Happier Outdoors

Even if Monstera Deliciosa can thrive indoors, they still prefer the outdoors. If you are really that interested in this plant, you can set up a pot somewhere outside your back lawn, right outside your window or balcony, or even your doorstep. Make sure that it is not on the driveway or blocking the entrance to avoid any damages and disturbances to its growth. It will also be able to produce flowers, which will develop into tasty fruits. Most people said that it tastes like a mix of fruits or fruit salad, hence the nickname.

Photo Sources: Thursd and Instagram