One of the most popular plants to have at home is the beautiful and lovely Majesty Palms. This plant can be used as a decoration for your home and it also receives credits for certain health benefits. Most plants have a positive impact on a person’s home and life, especially on their mental health. Growing Majesty Palms can be one of the most relaxing and therapeutic things in the world, and in fact, most people in their golden years do it.
However, it can also be tricky. There are a lot of steps on how to take care of it. Majesty Palms don’t have a lot of medical benefits, but they are a treat to the eyes since they are very nice to look at. All of your visitors will probably be impressed seeing this beautiful plant in your home.

Hacks and Techniques

Some tips and effective ways to take care of Majesty Palms inside your home involve both patience and time. You must provide adequate humidity to the plant. It usually prefers a warm and some sort of an in-the-middle room temperature. This means it doesn’t like a place that is too cold nor a place that is too hot. The temperature should be normal so that it is comfortable. This might sound confusing since it is a bit bizarre to keep a plant comfortable, but if you treat it like a person, to a degree, then you should understand the importance of taking care of it properly. Plants have feelings, too, by simply not harming them and making sure they are maintained well, they would already feel comfortable.
You should also not overwater the Majesty Palms. Just like most plants, if you water them too much, it can be very unhealthy for them. These plants are huge and may look sturdy, but they can be very delicate.

Ready Your Tools

Owning a plant is an investment. After you make up your mind that you are ready to become a plant parent, the next step is to determine the items you need to ensure the plant’s healthy growth and development. You need to be prepared, so complete your supplies before buying or growing a Majesty Palms in your home.
Most of the tools and equipment needed are found online or they can also be bought from hardware or botany stores. The supplies include sand, peat moss, loam, fertilizer, water, spray bottle, Neem oil, pruners, potting soil, and more – but the ones mentioned are truly on the top of the list.

Care and Maintenance

After obtaining the items and you have your seedling or plant, you should know how to take care of a Majesty Palm. Keep the plant away from direct sunlight, but you will still need to expose it to the sun from time to time. You can place it close to your window so that every time the sun shines it can taste a degree of sunlight, but make sure it is not too exposed, such as placing it beyond the drapes. Sunlight is very important to indoor plants, it is like vitamins to them. This helps them grow, bloom, and prolong their existence.

Another thing you should know is to never let the soil dry completely with Majesty Palms. Even though this plant doesn’t want to be watered at all times, they also don’t want to get their soil to get completely dry. Just water it from time to time, with only a little amount of H2O, especially when you notice that the soil is looking dry. That is why it is important to stay in the middle and keep an eye on things.

Some people decide to have indoor Majesty Palms to challenge themselves or to test their abilities on a certain something. Maybe they want to take a step up and become more responsible in life, which they can see based on their planting skills.

Photo Source: Instagram