When it comes to bringing a new plant into your home, it isn’t just a matter of choosing the right plants. You must also know how to choose the right pots to make sure they grow well. Did you know that your choice of container can actually influence how quickly the soil dries out, how healthy the plant roots will be, and how big your plant can grow?
There are many pots you can make an investment in such as plastic, terra cotta or clay, and ceramic. Each one comes with pros and cons you must keep in mind. Take note of our guide below to help you decide.

Terra Cotta or Clay Pots

-These dry out quicker compared to other container varieties. For this reason, they are great for succulents and other varieties that hate too much water.
-They are also more affordable compared to their ceramic counterpart.
-Because of their color, they blend in well with any space.
-You can check the degree of moisture in the soil through the pot’s color. A darker pot simply means it has soaked up water.
-These can be very fragile. If you drop them, chances are they’ll break into pieces.
-Because they dry out quickly, if you live in warmer areas, you would need to pay extra attention to the plants you put in them.
-When kept in colder temperatures, especially outdoors, these might eventually crack.

Plastic Pots

-This is your most affordable option. Even if you opt for big containers, they still won’t burn a hole in your wallet. This is great for people practicing money management.
-Easy to find. These can be bought online or even at local plant nurseries.
-You get more options to choose from when it comes to colors and shapes.
-Lighter in weight when compared to both ceramic and terra cotta.
-It can be easily cleaned and reused.
-Too much sun exposure can cause it to become brittle and eventually break.

Ceramics or Glazed Potteries

-These are best for tropical plants and other varieties that will thrive best in moist (not soaked!) soil.
-There are also many varieties to choose from, many of which are very trendy.
-Sturdier than plastic and can be placed on the flooring, under the sun with no issue.
-Since it is quite heavy, these would make for the perfect choice when it comes to top-heavy plants. This includes vining plants, dwarf trees, and other similar plants.
-This is the most expensive option available. This is why these are often reserved for smaller, indoor plants as the price can increase according to its size.
-These can also become quite heavy and difficult to move around.

Using Containers that Don’t Have Holes

Do you have old bowls at home or, perhaps, an old steam kettle you no longer use? If you’re keen on improvising and don’t want to end up using loans just for your plant collection, this is a great option. The only important consideration is making sure that they have drainage holes in them. Otherwise, water will collect in the soil and lead to root rot. This will end up killing your plant eventually!

Woven Grass or Rattan Baskets

Yes, it is unusual, but you can also use these as plant containers! They can add a touch of beauty to any space and you can be sure that the water is getting drained out. Do be mindful of ones that have huge gaps between the weaves as this can lead to the soil spilling onto the flooring and creating a mess.

When it comes to choosing plant containers and pots, you can be as creative as you want as long as you’re meeting the basic requirements. Some people have even used old shoes, old TVs, and even the hood of a car to create their own garden!

Photo Sources: Pixabay.com, Instagram