Indoor plants are gorgeous and can help keep the air in your home clean. However, wouldn’t it be even better if you can also use them to create a delicious meal? You might think such a thing is impossible, but there are many beautiful indoor plants that are edible, too. These make for excellent investments, whether it be to help beautify your home or to make your meals healthier. Curious? Here are some plants you can try growing today.


This plant produces colorful and elegant flowers. They make for a great addition, whether it be to your indoor space or to your garden. The best bit about having hibiscus plants around is that its flowers are actually edible. It comes with a sweet flavor that is similar to a cranberry. You might even find dried varieties of it in health food stores—often sold at a very expensive price. If you want its benefits, but don’t want to constantly swipe your credit card for them, then growing this plant at home is a great option to try!


Most of us are already aware that lavender provides a soothing scent to any space it is in. Unsurprisingly, it is often used for aromatherapy and even in perfumes. However, not many are aware that these flowers can also be eaten. You can add it to your desserts, salads, sauces, cookies, and teas. It is just as healing when consumed, so that’s an added bonus on top of it being really delicious. If you’re having trouble sleeping, a cup of lavender tea is sure to help. No need to use your insurance for a health check-up.


Thyme is among the easiest herbs you can cultivate at home. Some people can even grow it in their kitchens using fluorescent lighting. Because it requires little maintenance, these are great for people who live a very busy lifestyle, but still want to introduce greens to their home. You can opt to grow thyme from seed, but for beginners, it’s always best to get nursery starters so you can get used to it first. Did you know that thyme is a natural cough remedy? All the more reason to consider spending a bit of investment money on it.


These plants can grow really tall when planted straight in the ground, but in containers, they make for cute ornamental plants that you can harvest from.
Chilies are relatively easy to grow from seed as well, so even beginners can handle them. Just make sure you place your chili plants where they will get six or more hours of sunlight since they thrive best in warmer temperatures.


We bet you didn’t know cucumbers can be grown at home. Depending on the variety you choose, it doesn’t have to take up too much space from your flooring. In fact, it can thrive even when planted in a container. Just make sure you have a sunny window to ensure it gets a steady stream of light throughout the day. These plants also produce elegant vines and cute yellow flowers just before they fruit.


It’s safe to say that for many people, parsley is a pantry essential. It can be added to just about anything, from toasts to soups—it will help enhance its flavor. While buying store-bought ones isn’t a bad investment, wouldn’t it be better if you can grow and dry your own? There are starter plants available in nurseries, but you can try growing these from seed. Even beginners should be able to do as these can grow even in your standard flower pot!
Next time you’re looking to add to your indoor plant collection, do consider these edible varieties! Who wouldn’t love a plant that’s pleasing to look at and will also make for a great salad?

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