It is somewhat envious how celebrities can afford beautiful and large estates. For some of us, acquiring a small land could already put us into debt and mortgages. Lucky for them, they can splurge and live in style while making a profit out of it if they chose to let it go. Thinking about it, what do these rich celebrities do with their massive land?

Celebs are all about comfort. Often, they are working tirelessly from one location to another, so what they need is a peaceful and comfortable home to rest at the end of the day. Aside from spending time and money on their main house, celebs also love to create a relaxing surrounding just like gardens.

Commonly celebs favor a stylish garden – the one with pools and barbeque area, and the like. Others take it to a different level and recreate their own private nature. English celebs, as such, have a different taste when it comes to yard styling – favoring a classic garden style. It seems that culture plays a huge part in it.

Take a look at these five private gardens owned by celebrities who are passionate gardeners themselves.

Jeremy Irons

Before becoming one of the greatest English actors, Jeremy Irons once worked as a gardener. Upon getting himself in a good position and sound credit score, he made his dreams come true and owned several houses. Known as an antique lover, Irons owns an 18th-century styled home in Oxfordshire where he and his wife and two kids settle in as their main home.

With his love for restructuring old houses and English culture, he worked and designed his garden, utilizing his skills and knowledge about gardening. His garden mimics the old English garden made up of flowering vines, hedges, and several different flowering plants. He also accentuates his courtyard with a fountain and waterlily pond, complete with a bridge above it. Iron’s sophisticated and beautiful garden also serves as an event place for their community flower show.


Sting is a known lover of the outdoors. Other than having a profitable estate in Florence that houses a majestic and well-designed garden and vineyard, Sting also owns a private garden in his Wiltshire home in West England.

Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, styled their massive garden with a shaped lime tree walkway, grass labyrinth, rose garden, and a man-made lake. He also grows his own vegetables in his designated garden kitchen. Furthering his gardening hobby, Sting made a provision for a water garden. He keeps the nearby gardens from his home well-maintained and curated and lets the farther part of the garden grow naturally with several flowering shrubs on it. As such, it is the best retirement place for a legendary and accomplished musician like Sting.

Rupert Everett

English actor Rupert Everett is one of the celebrities featured in the book The Secret Gardener. The actor, known for his role in My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Nest Best Thing, is a certified celebrity garden lover. He lives in the countryside home in Wiltshire with his mother and tends to their massive English country-style garden.

As Everett slowly inherits the land, caring for it is an initial investment. Their manor features a luscious garden that features a large water garden filled with waterlilies and a stream sourced from the nearby river. His garden glows in beauty during summer when all of their flowering plants bloom. Their house looks like a fairytale hut as the creeping roses and wisteria cover their entire home during its flowering season. The Everetts have plenty of plants in their garden, among them are Peonies, Dahlias, and David Austin roses in their flower garden.

Prue Leith

Prue Leith has a dedicated career in food and literature as a novelist, food writer, and chef. Her love and passion for work have led her to become a renowned gardener today.

When she was planning to set up a duck farm for his culinary business years ago, she found the vast land in Oxfordshire and bought it. Learning that the duck business was not a viable investment, so she shifted her plan to a life-long dedication to growing vegetables and ornamental gardening. Leith’s potted herbs lie outside her kitchen while the ornamental plants are in the plant box on her designated kitchen garden. Likewise, she has a man-made lake with a red pagoda in its center complete with a bridge connecting the island to the lakeside. Nearby, there is what she calls a red garden; it has a pergola covered with trellising plants, making it look cozy and relaxing. It is beautifully accented with red lanterns and red flowering plants, hence, the name. On the other hand, the main house is surrounded by several flowers and plants that she maintains herself.

Branson Family

Sir Richard Branson – the patriarch of the Branson empire, businessman, and philanthropist – is best associated with Virgin Group, a multinational company that he established. Beyond his face as an entrepreneur, he is a gardening enthusiast.

Branson has a play garden on their ancestral home in Oxfordshire. Initially, he aims to build a garden as the sanctuary of his two young children, hoping to build a lasting memory. The garden mimics a natural landscape with several trees and wild plants scattered in the area. It also has a beautiful man-made lake that houses many creatures such as geese and waterfowls. Although the land has been divided into portions, the garden remains a beautiful spot that Sir Richard’s grandchildren can enjoy playing in.

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