Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland

Dromoland Castle in County Clare is located in the beautiful country of Ireland. The entirety of the property was finished in 1935, and now, it is a five-star luxury hotel.
It is ancient and mostly made out of wood and has a castellated style turret. It does not have a lot of colors but the gardens are wide. Former POTUS George Bush is a big fan of the place since his expectations were met when he stayed for a night during one of his summits. It looks like booking a stay would be a worthy investment.

Far Niente in Napa, California

There is a beautiful secret garden called Far Niente, and even if it is small, it is usually given credit for its variety of plants and flowers. This garden is located in Napa in the beautiful state of California.
It is a Napa vineyard, with 13 acres of magnificent gardens surrounding the winery. It has the largest planting of Azaleas in the West Coast, and when they bloom, the entire garden will be painted with shades of red and pink. This place is also home to Japanese Maple, Japanese Snowbell, Chinese Fringe and Autumn Gold ginkgo trees.

Newton Vineyard in Napa Valley, California

Another secret garden that is located in Napa, California, is Newton Vineyard. The people who managed this place must earn a lot of credits for they have done such a great job.
The garden is home to Juniper Corkscrew topiary bushes, a geometric maze of planter beds, spiraled trees, rows of dark blue and white lavender, Pino Solo, and a 100-foot-tall pine tree. It has an amazing view situated 500 feet above sea level.

Manoir Hovey in Quebec, Canada

Manoir Hovey is one of Canada’s finest treasures due to its 35-acres garden and birch forest. These areas are so beautifully landscaped and obviously well taken care of.
The rare gems include perennials, annuals, herbs, and produce from the edible garden. The forest is located just along the shores of Lake Massawippi near North Hatley. There is also a five-star historic manor sitting on the lands of the perfectly designed garden.

Mainau Island

Mainau Island is one of the biggest man-made investments when it comes to secret gardens. It is a bit unexpected to spot this garden here in the land filled with carmakers and tech companies.
The island has an area of 45 hectares and was founded by the family of King Gustaf V of Sweden. It has a total of more than 500 species, including a giant sequoia from 1864 and a 65-year-old redwood, over 30,000 bushes, and the Italian garden. There are 200 varieties of rhododendron and azaleas, and thousands of butterflies flit about amongst the tropical plants. One can also find pergolas, sculptures, and fountains in the garden.

Belmond Cadogan Hotel

London’s must-see Belmond Cadogan Hotel has one of the most gorgeous gardens in the world, credits to its mixture of vintage classic and modern architecture. Even people who have zero interest in gardens would be delighted to see this kind of view. Unlike most gardens, this one features a display of greens.
It is located on Sloan Street midway between Chelsea and Knightsbridge. It was originally built in 1887, and its hotel was given a multi-million-pound reincarnation budget.

Gardens of Ninfa

Gardens of Ninfa is a landscaped garden in central Italy. The park has an area of 260 acres, and it consists of medieval ruins and a wide range of exotic plants from around the world. It has more than 150 houses and churches inside.
Ninfa is named as one of the most romantic gardens in the world. The garden was created in 1921 and was inspired by an English garden style. Nymphs were believed to dwell in the trees, mountains, and groves as well as by the springs and rivers, hence the name.

Dunbar’s Close Garden

Dunbar’s Close Garden is a hushed atmosphere walled garden with manicured shrubbery. Its whole ambiance is calming, credits to the dimmed sound of the breeze and the birds.
It has a design of a 17th-century garden, and its architect was founded by The Mushroom Trust. The garden has hedges and stonework which pay homage to Scotsmen versed in Science, philanthropy, and city planting. Fig, rosemary, honeysuckle, and jasmine add vibrant pops of color to the earthy greens and gray which dominate the land.

Claude Monet’s Garden

Claude Monet’s Garden has two divisions, namely the Clos Normand and the Japanese water garden. These two sections are worthy of all investments since they complement each other.
For the first garden, Monet mixed the simplest daisies and poppies of the rarest varieties. He did not like organizing the flowers here. Monet said that he spent all of his money on plants. Ten years later, he bought the land neighboring on the other side of the road. This section was inspired by Japanese gardens.

La Réserve Ramatuelle

La Réserve Ramatuelle is one of the places which represent luxury in France, credits to its private domain with an amazing view of the endless sea.
This resort is more on the modern side, and it overlooks the enduringly Mediterranean glitz of Saint Tropez. Its plants are trimmed, and the focus of the place is more on the spa and its memorable food yet the garden still speaks about its origin and success.

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